Christian Galvez Organ Trio

Christian Galvez Organ Trio has been performing since 2013 in Latin America and US. All compositions by Galvez, performed with his selected musicians from Chile and Europe. Considered as a De Luxe bass player beside Bill Cobham, Dennis Chambers, Stanley […]

Jordan Galvez “Dimension”

Versatility and lyricism are the characteristics of those great virtuoso players and composers. Stanley Jordan, eclectic musician that developed the guitar tapping technique into a level never reached by anyone. Christian Galvez, bass guitar player (in the widest conception you can think […]

Galvez & Pardo Jazz Connection

Jazz Connection is Jorge Pardo and Christián Gálvez. two of the most original and actives musicians from Spain and Chile. Different generations and different cultures that finally meets in that symbolic place where the most interesting music of the planet is meeting:  a common […]

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